domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

Rafael Rabelo e Paco de Lucia

Raphael Rabello, o gênio brasileiro do Violão interpreta uma obra de Villa Lobos. Reparem que ele nem esboça dificuldades.

“The best guitarist I’ve heard in years. He has overcome the technical limitations of the instrument, and his music comes unhindered from his soul, straight to the hearts of we who admire him.” — Paco de Lucia

“If the acoustic guitar has once again established itself as the leading instrumental voice of modern Brazilian music, much of the credit can be given to Raphael Rabello…” — Mark Holston, Guitar Player Magazine

“Raphael Rabello was simply one of the greatest guitarists who has ever lived. His level of insight into the potential of the instrument was matched only by the great Paco de Lucia. He was ‘the’ Brazilian guitarist of our time, in my opinion. His loss at such a young age is an incredible loss, not only for what he already did, but for what he could have done.” — Pat Metheny

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